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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 13:16

Serving more than mere entertainment

Cirque du Soleil’s new show Dralion, draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and the ever present quest for balance between humans and our environment. The magnetism of the show is undoubtedly inescapable, as the world’s finest acrobatic performers enthrall audiences the world over. And Dralion looks to push the boundaries of what seems possible as performers demonstrate amazing control, precision timing, fluid movements and daredevil-like antics, much to the delight of an audience on the edge of their seats.

At Event Food Services we may not be as limber as the Cirque performers we are however going to bend over backwards to make sure you get the best experience possible when visiting the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate.

Our employees are already hard at work, preparing for your arrival and this year we have created a menu that is sure to delight! From large juicy cheese griller to a delicious sandwich with a side order of chocolate dipped mini doughnuts, we are serving just what you are in the mood for. As always we have the ANAT, Chip ’n Dip and Doughnut kiosks which have proved to be a favourite year-in and year-out.

With your comfort in mind, we have identified key kiosks for service, in the hopes of thinning out crowds and ensuring that everyone is able to purchase their refreshments before the show commences and during the interval. We have been asked by Cirque Management to please close all kiosks 5 minutes prior to the start of the show and at the end of interval, so please be patient while our kitchen and front of house teams, attend to everyone.

We have a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available, including piping hot tea and coffee for your enjoyment. Whilst we have installed signage regarding the Health & Safety Policy, we would like our visitors to be aware that we are required to serve all plastic bottled beverages without their lids and all cans are to be poured into cups. And no alcohol will be sold to under 18’s and IDs may be requested.

There you have it, the Cirque acrobats are not the only performers at the Dome on the 21st March – we will see you there.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012 09:06

Our team of stars

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? from A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson.

We would like to recognize and commend three of our junior managers who have found the courage to break free from the chains of limiting belief patterns and societal conditioning that have traditionally kept the women in their communities suppressed and unable to realize their power. We are so proud of each of them and would like to acknowledge their fight to get here and applaud their strength.

Doris Steele, Food & Beverage Manager, Event Food Services - Contracted caterer at the Coca-Cola Dome.

Doris started at Delmont Caldow Caterers over 10 years ago. Her husband had suddenly passed away leaving her with a young family to support and no idea on where to start. Her father applied on her behalf for a casual waitering position with Delmont and her story with us, started.

Anyone who has met Doris will immediately notice her friendly manner and quick smile, she is a natural at customer liaison and was our first choice for Food & Beverage Manager. In her current position Doris works closely with event organizers and stand holders, ensuring they are getting the best catering experience possible.

When asked about what she enjoyed most about working within the hospitality industry, Doris stated, “I enjoy the pressure of events, I work best under pressure. I enjoy meeting different people and each event brings new people to the Dome.”

Although many of us would see a complaining customer as a thorn in our day, Doris sees them as a personal challenge to change them to a complementing customer and will do what it takes to bring that about. Armed with her wits, a great deal of patience and a respectful attitude, Doris is without a doubt a valuable member of the Event Food Services Team. We asked Doris what characteristics she felt added or detracted from her success. “Sometimes I am too soft and it can make a situation worse, in this job I have learnt that I am stronger than I thought I could be. I can do more than I thought I could.”

“My children must realize their dreams, but their dreams for themselves must be bigger than mine were. My daughter must make a life for herself and not rely on anyone.”

Being a single parent and breadwinner is a challenge for most of us, yet Doris takes this in her stride. She is grateful for the close bond she shares with her family, whose support has been so important to her. Doris feels that is not just working for herself but for her children and their futures.

We asked Doris if she were to pass on any advice to future staff, what would she suggest they do to achieve her level of success. “Come to work to do the work, don’t come to talk and socialize. Don’t give up, be determined to do your best. You must have a reason you come to work and it must be something that is important to you.” And as for the future Doris dreams of retiring somewhere safe and quiet where she can one day enjoy her grandchildren and get off her feet! Yet we can’t imagine Doris ever sitting for too long, this dynamic woman will undoubtedly being out in the community paying it forward!

Rebecca Jonosky, Food & Beverage Supervisor, Event Food Services - Contracted caterer at the Coca-Cola Dome.

Rebecca started at Delmont Caldow Caterers over 9 years ago. Rebecca was introduced to Event Food Services by Priscilla, after a casual position she held at a cosmetics company was made redundant through a company buy out.

Rebecca joined EFS as a casual waiter for exhibition events at the Coca-Cola Come and quickly demonstrated a desire to learn more about the business. Before long we gave Rebecca an opportunity to move to the frontline – as a cashier where her friendly nature and polite mannerisms were ideal for dealing with customers. Over a year ago we promoted Rebecca to Food & Beverage Supervisor, which has her working primarily in the kitchens ensuring we maintain our high standards and quality catering. Our kitchen staff love working with her and we tend to have to jostle staff when it comes to assigning shifts, everyone wants to work with Rebecca!

When asked about the favourite aspects of her job as a Food & Beverage Supervisor, Rebecca enthusiastically responded that she loved working with the staff, motivating them to work at their best. The most enjoyable events are those where she is busy all the time, and her team gets a chance to show off just how good they are.

We have seen Rebecca grow from a nervous almost withdrawn young woman into the powerhouse of confidence she is now and we are so incredibly proud! We asked Rebecca what she least enjoyed about working with staff and what she felt was the key to her success. “Sometimes the pressure can be too much, mostly when people don’t plan their work well. They make the job harder to do. They make my job harder too.”

“You have to be honest, if you can’t be trusted you can’t go anywhere in life.”

Whilst Rebecca does not have any regrets about her choices, she does wish she would dig up the courage to finally go and do her driver’s license. “I never did, I have always been so nervous about doing it and now my baby sister is going. So I told her that I have to go with her, I can’t be the last one to do this.”

Not only has her confidence grown, Rebecca feels that she has also learnt a great deal about running a business through her working experience at Event Food Services. Rebecca feels that she has learnt some life skills as well. “I have learnt about time management and about making sure you give the best product, if it’s not good enough for you its not good enough for anyone else. You must put effort in – no work is beneath you.”

When asked about her future plans for herself at Event Food Services, Rebecca wants to grow with the business and maybe one day manage a new venue. But for now the near future holds a mountain of wedding plans as she dreams of marrying her dream guy later in December. We wish them both many wonderful years together!

Priscilla Smith, Stock Supervisor, Event Food Services - Contracted caterer at the Coca-Cola Dome.

Priscilla joined the company as a cleaner almost a decade ago and steadily showed interest in adding to her responsibilities and was quickly promoted to a cook on the line. Priscilla demonstrated a willingness to learn new things and proved that she was really hard working with a quick wit and easy-going demeanor.

Priscilla was promoted to Stock Supervisor mid 2011 and is responsible for maintaining our stock levels, ensuring we never sell out whilst limiting wastage. This is a critical function in our operation at Event Food Services! When asked what she enjoyed most about her job, Priscilla stated, “The busy-ness of the shows, I can’t stand around. I have to be busy all the time, working all the time. I am not a person to be bored.”

Priscilla feels that busy shows are not only good for the company but for her as well. Being busy means you are successful she excitedly claims. As a parent to four children aged between 21 and 13, she appreciates having a daytime job where she can spend most nights at home with her family.  Priscilla has been the only breadwinner on and off for a number of years and feels that she has made a valuable contribution to the futures of her children. Having a limited education herself, Priscilla feels that her children can only realize their dreams if they finish their education.

Women need to be responsible, we have to make sure we do all we can for our children. We can’t live on promises. Women can change the community, because we are the community.”

We asked Priscilla how had her promotion from a casual to a permanent staff member affected her, and her home-life she had this to say, “I feel more stable at home, we are moving to a better house this month. My children are happy and my daughters are proud of me. My husband has more respect for me, he sees that I am important in the community as well.”

I have changed. I did not think I could do this, I am happy.”

We have seen within Priscilla a keen spirit and someone who is genuinely interested in doing her best. In the hospitality industry where long hours and hard work is certainly part of the job, Priscilla is always happy to do more. What has really shone out for us at EFS is her attitude each day and the great respect she has for her workplace. And as for the future, Priscilla sees herself moving, always moving! She dreams of becoming a mentor for future staff who wish to enjoy the same success. And of course learning something new! Priscilla has certainly learnt that she can expect more from herself and will do so in future

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 14:38

You rocked the rAge Expo for 53 hours!

At 9pm on Thursday 4 October, the queue for rAge Expo 2012 started – an amazing 9 hours before the show was scheduled to open. This certainly proves that the rAge Expo is without a doubt an event on most people’s calendar and from what was on offer this year, we can see why.

The sheer volume of people attending rAge was a jaw-dropping sight - not to mention the number of attendees kitted out in full gamer gear, dressed as their alter egos, ready to do battle with the best of them. Clearly rAgers are fun bunch of people with a serious passion for gaming.

At Event Food Services we battened down the hatches, stocked up and braced for record crowds attending the show this year. Our kitchen and services teams worked tirelessly to tame the queues day and night, making sure you got back to your games as quickly as possible. Our concessionary kiosks ran 24 hours a day brewing fresh coffee for the night owls and for the morning larks we served a piping hot breakfast at 6am each day.

The crowds swelled to such huge numbers that on Saturday 6th October, Coca-Cola Dome Management were forced to close the doors temporarily so as to ensure the safety of all attending, until the numbers thinned out. This is the second time in the Coca-Cola Dome’s history that they have had to do this.

Our gourmet burgers meal deals and delicious smoothies hit the spot with many attendees, keeping our food court and satellite stations running at full speed for a staggering 53 hours straight.

You networked, you played, you rocked rAge 2012!
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Thursday, 04 October 2012 16:43

It’s all the rAge!

The rAge Expo 2012 management team is planning to again prove why, ten years later it is still the leading technology and video gaming exhibition in Africa. The really Awesome gaming expo (rAge) runs over the weekend of 5-7 October 2012 at the Coca-Cola dome in Northgate.

Really Awesome Gaming Expo exhibits the latest technological developments, new releases in games and consoles, exclusive presentations by international game developers, giveaways and so much more. At Event Food Services we have gone all out to ensure that this event shapes up to be a gaming fanatic’s ultimate food experience, as we look forward to catering our tenth year at rAge.

For those serious gamers who are hooked up to the NAG LAN network, ready for 53 hours of sleep-deprived gaming – Event Food Services we’ll be serving snacks, combo burger meals, caffeine loaded coffee and a 6am piping hot breakfast outside - all weekend. Our concessionary kiosks will be open 24 hours, making sure you enjoy this adrenalin-filled gaming event to the max. The new restaurant will also be pumping all weekend - serving pasta of the day, freshly grilled chicken and oriental stir-fry, so take the time out to chill and recharge!

Froth Beverages will be serving their inspired, deliciously decadent smoothies and infused juices from the food court as well as a mobile kiosk in the expo centre. With so much on offer, you have more than one reason to network this weekend!

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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 11:28

What a spectacular 2012 Getaway Show!

The 2012 Getaway Show proved yet again why it is Africa’s leading travel and outdoor extravaganza.

The Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate was packed to capacity, with a record number of visitors and exhibitors - the Event Food Services team were kept on their toes for the entire three days making sure you were well-fed, hydrated and having loads of fun.

Our brand new restaurant was a popular choice, as visitors savoured the perfectly roasted carvery selection, enjoying the freshly prepared roast vegetable sides not to mention the delicious assortment of salads. With more seating made available many visitors took some well-earned time out from all the show activities.

Without a doubt, the SAB Hansa Beer tent was an oasis for those exhausted by the busy show or those simply choosing to settle in the shade and enjoy the arrival of Summer.

The Gourmet burger and Steak Roll combos hit record sales and we had to sprint to keep up with demand – lucky we had our best team at hand! Thank you to the EFS team who worked tirelessly at the Getaway Show, you did a great job!

As we clean up and restock for the next event, we are reminded of how much the Getaway Show has grown over the last few years and we look forward to 2013 just to see what else they can pack into three days!

See you at the National Boat Show, 7 – 9 September 2010.
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A year later and the Getaway Show is back and planning to host what looks to be an even bigger and better event. With loads of deals and dreamy destinations, you simply have to see what's on offer.

At Event Food Services we have also upped the anti and gone all out to make sure you get the best experience possible when visiting the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate.

We have launched a spectacular buffet, self-service restaurant where our fresh culinary talent gets to showcase their incredible dishes - this is a totally new experience and with what we have on offer, one you simply can’t miss.

For those who are looking for healthier options, we have opened a Health Oasis in our main food court, serving Low GI deli rolls with a wide selection of leafy salads.

As you enjoy the show, picking up a fabulous weekend getaway for two here and there be sure to look our for our SAB Hansa Beer tent serving the coldest brew in Johannesburg and the best grilled wors rolls straight from the braai! Get away from the bustle of the crowd as you chill outside, entertained by a local DJ belting out top hits.

Our biltong bar is certainly a treat so you can’t be blamed for stocking up on dry wors, Polish sausages and salami! For the exhibitors, we have made the Miller’s Lounge available for you, to take a break from the crowds whilst you catch up on the sport action on our big screens and enjoy our Chef’s meal of the day - specially for you!

As always we have the ANAT, Chip ’n Dip and Doughnut kiosks which have proved to be a favourite year-in and year-out. We have NIHT certified Halaal catering on offer at the Halaal kiosk, which will be serving up a fantastic curry and rice.

There you have it, there’s more than one reason to be at the Getaway Show this year and we are excited to see you again.


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